Sunday, February 19, 2017

NEW PATTERN: Isak's Blanket

Welcome to Isak's Blanket pattern!
I really love this new version of Isak's Blanket. The colors really pop...
If I hadn't already given this crochet blanket pattern its name after my nephew Isak,
I would have called it the Lollipop Blanket. 

I don't have much left of my Tilda yarn, but I used the few colorful balls I had left in my craft basket. And they worked up so beautifully. It's been a delight hooking away row after row
making this test run of the pattern. 

It is a fun and simple pattern. The type of pattern you will make over and over again
in different color themes. I have included some color combo advice in the pattern for inspiration and there is a full description of colors used in both of my blankets:
The Lollipop version (see above) and The Original version (see below).
The sky is a limit and I see many, many variations of Isak's Blanket in the future.
The pattern is asking for a 4ply/Sports Weight yarn, but you can with great advantage
make this blanket in a DK weight as well.
I hope you will enjoy!

Makes a baby blanket sized approx 72x94 cm / 28,5x37 inches
• 6-page PDF file
• Approx. 350g of Sports Weight/4ply cotton yarn
(I used Tilda 50%cotton/50%acrylic from Svarta Fåret)
• UK and US terms
• Written pattern, diagram and accompanied pictures for clarity
• Tips and photos for inspiration

Now available here:

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Being Kind

Yesterday I gave a girl a ride on my way to the hairdresser. She had missed the bus. It made me feel really good inside that I could give her a ride. That with my help she didn't come late into work as a veterinarian assistant. I was being kind.

When the sun comes out, like today, the cats are jumping around outside. I see them explore the fields outside my window. How they spy on each other, attack some poor field mouse under an apple tree... But Charlie mostly sun baths in the sun. Spreading his limbs all over and soaks it all in. He is being kind to himself. That inspires me.

I took out my bicycle for the first time the other day. Went out for a spin with spring fever in my body.  Inspiring beats in my ear phones. It was hard work. I'm so out of shape... Well oh well. I did it and it felt good, although my muscles are still aching from the exercise. I was being kind to myself. I should just do it more often and it won't be so hard...

I've done my last changes on Isak's Blanket pattern and hopefully I will have the pattern up in my Etsy and Ravelry shop after the weekend, if not sooner. I hope you will enjoy it. It is the kind of pattern I will make over and over again and never get bored of. Quick, simple but with a twist. Perfect for playing with colors and stripes... And what is not to love about stripes. I think stripes are my absolutely favorite and my best. I think crocheting stripes is a good example of being kind to yourself. Because it makes you feel good. Don't you agree?

We've had some nice sunrises lately, some sunny afternoons. I dried my laundry outside, forgot about it and then one day the rain came and I cursed in silence that I had forgotten to take it all in... Well oh well, I guess it will hang for another day or two. No major damaged done. I was being kind to the laundry just letting it be... I guess... Or being kind to the weather for accepting it as it is. With flaws and all... Or being kind to myself for not beating myself up about the fact that I simply didn't do my chore on time... The laundry is still clean, and eventually dry... just a bit delayed for the drawers...

February break has started. I think my kids are on computers... I'm not sure. I haven't seen them in a while. I've been to busy blogging and pattern writing. I'm letting them be. Being kind to them. Not nagging about getting off their screens. It is vacation after all. Although getting them out in the sun for a bit wouldn't hurt.

I had a Happy Valentine's Special Offer, selling my patterns with a 50% discount to spread some love. Thank you all for being so kind and enjoying my Special Offer. We killed two birds with one stone there; me being kind to you and you being kind to me. That is excellent! Although killing birds are not so kind... Let me rephrase that... Hmmm.... We fed two birds with one seed? :)

I think I'll have a coffee, sit down in the sun outside and just soak in the Vitamin D. Being kind to myself one more time before we have to clean up, turn off, pack up and get ready for the mountains. Have you been kind today? To someone? To yourself? We should all be more kind in this crazy world of... Well, I'm not even gonna go there... I'm going to shut my mouth and just be kind. That is what I'll do. Have a kind Saturday my lovelies. I'm done rambling for today.


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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentines Special Offer!

Happy Valentines my lovelies!  
Sending some pretty pink Sweet Hearts greetings to you all.
Find the FREE Sweet Heart Crochet Pattern here and whip up a few of your own for your neighbors, colleagues, children, husbands, friends or the girl at the grocery store and the boy at the gas station. Make someone smile and give as many hugs as you can.

I'm celebrating my Valentines Day with anything and everything that makes me happy
including a fabulous:

Enjoy a
50% discount
with the code
in my ETSY shop
and in my RAVELRY shop.

Offer ends Thursday 16th of February 2017.

Sending lots of hugs and kisses to this wonderful community.
If I could I would invite you all for cookies, coffee and crochet.
May your day be awesome.


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