Monday, August 22, 2016

First day of school

The alarm goes off at 6.30 am. It is the earliest ever in weeks if not months. We are prepared. I think. We get up. I think. We have breakfast. I think. Or did we all sleep in until 10 am and missed the first day of school???!!! Oh... It was just a dream. Phew, what a nightmare...

My hormonal 15-year old girl has been walking around the house like an unsecured hand grenade ready to blow any second for the last three days... This morning she gets ready and leaves the house in ripped jeans and very sharp eye brows (Is that the new angry look? No, no, no!!! I shut my mouth and say nothing... lets not put gas on a fire that is already burning right?). When waving her off and wishing her good luck she sighs, rolls her eyes while plugging in earphones and walking down the street.

Soon after my hormone inflated 12-year old boy wonders why his sister can go to school in ripped pants when I forced him to change to new sweat pants instead of the ones he has worn all summer and has, not only ripped knees but also a big rip in the butt... He leaves the house with the thickest and most dirty hood jacket on, hood up looking like a criminal. I wonder if he put clean underwear on... That is the battle of the year, I'm telling you. 12-year old boys are "refuse to change clothes"-warriors and incredibly hard to beat to not say impossible...

And then there was the "Unicorn - Rainbow - Fluffy bunny - Sparkles and Gum drops" filled 9-year old baby girl of mine, who flapped her wings out the door like a magical fairy with her golden curls, rain bow outfit and new pink shoes... Hugging me and kissing me and throwing a million air kisses back to me while skipping happily out the door."I will be just fine Mama! I looooove you!!!"

It feels like everything is under control. It feels like everything is totally normal. But, all photo taking was TOTALLY PROHIBITED when trying to sneak in some snap shots...
"ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND MUM!!!??? DELETE EVERY SINGLE PICTURE YOU'VE TAKEN OR I'LL KILL MYSELF!!!!" Well, that is life with bigger kids. Anyone who can identify?

It is now after school and:
• My hormonal 15-year old just called me while waiting for a her school bus, sounding super excited and telling me she had a great time and met a super cool new friend in school today. :) I'm hoping those sharp eye brows has worn off a bit when she gets back home...
• My hormone inflated 12-year old boy just stepped in through the door shouting: "Hello Mama! I'm home!!!" and with a big grin on his face he gave me a big hug saying he had a great day in school. The hood was down and I could see his face. :) He actually smelled good. I think he put deodorant on. Gold star for that.
• The "Unicorn - Rainbow - Fluffy bunny - Sparkles and Gum drops" filled 9-year old baby girl of mine arrived soon after. "Hi..." No hug, no nothing. Just a smile and "I need a snack Mama". WHAT? Where did my magical fairy girl go? Is she also caught by the hormonal devil? Already??? I'm not ready!!!!!! Please freeze time!


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Friday, August 19, 2016

Flower me happy!

Hi! Has it really been... forever? We extended our Sweden visit, having such a great time this year. Being around family is truly my happy place. But, saying that, I have more than one happy place. Another one is my garden.

One of the first things I did when coming back home from vacation, was to take  a day in the garden. Mowing the lawn, cleaning up my flowers a bit and surprise surprise!!! My landlord had repainted the shed and put a cute little trim on it by the roof. He fixed the broken window and tuned up the door hinges. What a fabulous landlord I have. Now it looks like a real ginger cookie house!

While nipping old flower buds I decided to pick a garden bouquet for my kitchen table. Phlox is one of my favorites and they never fail to look magical in my garden or in a bouquet. So from me to you, a collection of Flower Me Happy from my back yard. It is good to be home and I hope to get back on the blogging train and my crochet routines very soon. Home sweet home...


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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Happy Summer!

It is dark outside, the moon is almost half. The cats are out on adventures, the kids are watching a movie. We are off on vacation tomorrow morning and will be gone for a while. Destination Sweden and the summer house. I can't wait.

All day we have packed, cleaned and prepared for our departure, with certain excitement and anticipation. I like to come back to a tidy house so this packing and preparing thing is a big process for me. I've been busy to say the least. But...

...we are ready for the flight. We are ready to meet up with Nelly Bo who left a few days earlier than us this the year to stay with my brother's family (can't wait to hug you!!!). We are ready for our summer house. We are ready for our beach. We are ready for fishing, picking wild flowers, visiting "loppis", having big long family dinners, pick mushrooms, swim in the water, kill mosquitos, play with cousins, laugh with my brothers and their wives, meet Mama and Papa, eating ice cream and lots of pick & mix sweets. We are as ready as anyone can be.

I leave you hanging a bit as I will be without WiFi most of the time. Please forgive me if I don't reply in an instant when you write me. Please feel free to shop in my Etsy and Ravelry shop which is still open for pattern purchases. My Tilda Yarn Shop will re-open on my return the first week of August.

Enjoy your summer and these photo collages can give you an idea of where I'm heading and what I will be doing. All pictures are from last summer's Sweden vacation. My gosh, they make me so happy! Sweden - here I come!


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